• The Facebook for BMC was created in April. It stayed very quiet for the past six months until October hit when it began to start post information about the pods.
  • The Facebook page has mostly been promoting the trailer and various things that exist on


Official TwitterEdit

  • Like their Facebook page, the Twitter account was created in April and was not even used once in the first six months that it was created.
  • Their first tweet came exactly on October 1st, saying that they were allocating Pods.
  • The other tweets after that were, like the Facebook page, advertising various things about

Potential Twitter Bot?Edit

  • The majority of Twitter user Jay Pausner tweets relate and link directly back to the Body/Mind/Change campaign and he responds to them regularly. He also regularly spends his tweets, telling his followers to go and sign up for a POD so that they too might participate in BMC. At this time it is unknown as to whether or not Pausner is just a very excited consumer or if he is part of BMC.


Official TumblrEdit

  • There is no "official tumblr" that our team has been able to find.

Fan TumblrsEdit

  • There has been a steady fandom for the ARG that has been steadily growing. There haven’t been many posts about it. A lot of the Tumblr posts have been linking to the BMC website and sometimes TIFF. It seems a good portion of the fandom stems to be David Cronenberg fans.


  • The only piece of media that exists on the YouTube page seems to be the trailer that introduces and explains the PODs and the implantation process for the PODs.
  • The trailer heavily features David Cronenberg.
  • There has been speculation about elements of the video (seemingly random number strings and code snippets embedded in the source) that might be clues relevant to the ARG.

ARG CommunityEdit

The ARG community as a whole really hasn't gotten too involved with this game yet as theres noting much to go on until it begins and we get more information.  

Discussion BoardsEdit

  • - There are only 30 or so posts at this time and the discussion has stalled for the moment for want of more game content. There are some speculations as to the numbers embedded in the youtube video and a link to a site that displays a gif of static.  
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